Patrick Kane's candid club photo face is a little chilling

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks was one of many stars who descended upon Club Opera in Montreal during NHL All-Star Weekend; the club that was so hip when Alexander Ovechkin was running the DJ booth but maybe not so much when it housed the Versus after-party. Unless there was a ton of "V showing" that we weren't privy to.

JT Utah of the French-language sent over this fan photo of Kane at the club last weekend, and clearly our boy needs some assistance. He looks like Dax from "Jackass" doing a Clint Eastwood impression. Or like a foul odor had just wafted through his nasal passage. Or like he just noticed a Russian player was literally trying to kiss his posterior in comparison to Crosby.

Whatever the case: Patrick, if you're going to the club, we need more of this ladies' man and less "rich frat boy who just got busted by the cops" dourness. It's a mandatory celebrity skill: no matter how many drinks, no matter how bright the flash, no matter how long ago the last Red Bull wore off ... never let them see you squint.

As a point of comparison, 25Stanley presents Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks at another all-star party. Please study his "yeah, this is happening" face for future reference, Kaner.

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