The dangers of popping implants in reality show hockey

Like all VH1 reality dating programs, Poison lead singer Bret Michaels's "Rock of Love Bus" has its train-wreck charms.

Many of them were on display recently in an episode that featured a hockey-themed challenge, in which teams of buxom (and, one imagines, Botoxed) women hit the ice to score with a plastic baby doll, while being defended by the University of Illinois women's ice hockey team (in its proudest moment) and a scary redhead.

The competition took a turn for the painful in its finale, when one of Bret's busty blonde paramours (above right) fell face-first on the ice and feared she had, in her native tongue, "popper her frickin' implant."

The VH1 video player doesn't seem all that Yahoo!-friendly, so please head over to the "Rock of Love Bus" site to view the clip. (Apologies for the advertising pop-ups and such.) As you'll see, the young lady who fell on the ice is confronted by medical workers and doesn't know what type of breast implants she has surgically placed inside her own body.

We'd love to break down the rest of the segment's clips, but this one nearly destroyed our faith in humanity -- but please, enjoy the moment when one of the girls has her belly-ring ripped out. Luckily, Wrap Around Curl has a review of this hockey-centric "Love Bus" episode titled  "I do not advise playing hockey in hookercouture." As she wrote: "Really, Sean Avery should have cameo'd on this epi of Rock of Love. But I think even he has standards."

H/T to Puck Daddy commenter Ch. M for all of it.

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