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Yee Haw! Segway Meets Unicycle in "Personal Mobility" Device



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    Yee haw!

    Finally, a unicycle without the effort. (Geeks rejoice!) Honda's got a new toy that resembles a unicycle, but operates like a Segway.

    Honda unveiled a new "personal mobility" device in Tokyo, Japan. To move around, you simply shift your weight in the direction you want to go... forward, back, and even side-to-side. The device weighs about 22 pounds and can go up to 3.7 miles per hour.

    The device, called the U3-X, was available for the press to test drive (er, lean) in Japan. If you're wondering why we need such a toy, Honda said it was designed not to take up additional space like a bike or a scooter might so that riders could be safe enough to mingle with pedestrians while being unobtrusive.

    Honda said the device was designed for the elderly, but we have a feeling geeks everywhere may want to play. There is no official release date or pricing available yet. In the meantime, we'll walk.