northeastern Connecticut

Towns in Northeastern Connecticut Prepare for Snow

Plow trucks are at the ready in Woodstock and Putnam.

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The northeast corner of Connecticut is expected to see heavy snowfall on Saturday and town highway crews say they are prepared.

The public works department in Woodstock spent the day preparing plow trucks and making sure the town's salt/sand mix is ready to go.

"Every truck will be out," said John Navarro, public works director for the town.

Ten drivers will be on the road tomorrow in Woodstock.

"We are here by the time there is an inch of snow on the road," said Navarro. "We will go out a couple of times. We try not to let much snow accumulate on the road."

The Town of Putnam Highway Department is prepared for a long day, as well.

"We will work right through until it is done," said Travis Sirrine, the town's highway superintendent. "Whatever it takes to get them clean, get them safe before we go home and get some rest."

There will be 12 to 15 trucks on the road in Putnam.

Crews in both towns said people can help by staying home.

"That is all we ask. Just don't use the roads unless you absolutely have to," said Sirrine.

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