Wet Week Ahead

It won't rain the whole time, but it's a gloomy week.

Get ready for a wet week.

Low clouds, drizzle, occasional showers and a few downpours with lightning will be part of the forecast into and possibly through the upcoming weekend.

It won’t rain the whole time, but it could rain at anytime this week.

As we move through the middle of May, the time comes for the upper level winds or jet stream to settle into a summer time pattern.

This happens when the strongest winds move north and park over Canada, allowing for summer heat to build into Connecticut and the northeast.

As the transition occurs, there are occasional setbacks and we are in the midst of one right now.

Not only is the jet stream not moving north, but it is also not moving at all.

An upper level low-pressure area is stuck in place to our west near Ohio, and as long as it sits there and retains its strength, we are stuck with the gloomy weather.

Keep the umbrellas close by and grab a good book or a movie.

Last week, we were in the dry weather area of a stuck jet stream. This week, we are not.

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