Colchester Woman Arrested for Stealing 22 Years Ago Returns Home | NBC Connecticut

Colchester Woman Arrested for Stealing 22 Years Ago Returns Home



    A Colchester woman is back home after spending nearly a week in a Florida jail after being arrested on a warrant for stealing cigarettes more than two decades ago.

    Robin Hall was exiting from the Disney Dream Cruise with her entire family when authorities took her into custody.

    Hall, a mother of two, never paid the $85 in court fees following her 1991 arrest. The ship docked in Brevard County Florida, but her original arrest was in Orange County.

    With it being a holiday on Monday, she could not be transferred to Orange County until Tuesday. She would have to spend the weekend locked up.

    “I take full responsibility. I shoplifted cigarettes.I deserved a punishment but not this.”

    Hall says she was angry and scared while the hour turned to days behind bars, but she credits the fellow female inmates with reassuring her everything would be alright.

    She says the hardest part of the whole weekend was explaining it to her 7-year old daughter.

    “You don't know how to explain to her that mommy did something bad and I don't know when I'm coming home.”

    A judge did hear her case on Tuesday and she was sentenced to time served. She does have advice for anyone planning a trip.

    “If you have anything in your past you might have questions about - get a background check done. Just take care of your stuff”