Volunteers Needed to Sort Donations to Shelton Fire Victims

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    Neighbors are lending a hand after a devastating overnight fire at an apartment building in Shelton.

    So many people stepped forward to help the victims of a devastating fire in Shelton in yesterday that volunteers are now needed to help sort through them.

    Five people were rushed to the hospital after fire broke out at 446 Howe Avenue around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday. The more than 100-year-old building that housed six businesses, as well as apartments, collapsed during the blaze.

    The fire took everything residents owned, according to a Shelton firefighter, who didn't want to share his last name, and the Shelton community is doing its part to help.

    "I have a bunch of clothes for the people who need them," said Carly Hajducky. She and her mom, Jody, donated bags full of toiletries, coats and more. "I just think it's important you give back to a community for everything that it gives you."

    "There's people in need and we certainly have a lot to give," said Jody Wilson, Carly's mother. It's good to show the kids that we need to be part of a community."

    Firefighters said the outreach started on Facebook and grew.

    "It's the nature of the business of volunteers helping one another and just people in general helping people," said Kevin, a Shelton firefighter.

    Melissa Buckley, the sister of a volunteer firefighter, helped sort through the clothes.

    "It's actually very nice to see that there's such an overwhelming amount of support from the people in our community wherever they came from," Buckley said.

    Kristen Ostrowksi volunteered for her community.

    "I don't think this would ever happen to be honest," Ostrowksi said. "You saw everything with Sandy Hook and everyone came together for that. I mean I've been a part of Shelton my entire life and it's pretty incredible, it's awesome."

    Fire marshals said the were picking up their investigation on Tuesday morning because it got too dark Monday. Then they can determine what started this fire.

    Volunteers are still needed at 379 Coram Ave. to sort through the donations.