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Rainy Weather Soaks Holiday Campers



    Downpours drenched Rocky Neck State Park in East Lyme but dozens of campers brave the wet weather they would not let the rain ruin their holiday plans (Published Friday, July 4, 2014)

     Wet weather soaked beaches and campgrounds across the state this Fourth of July, but it didn’t stop some from heading outdoors.

    At Rocky Neck State Park in East Lyme heavy rains drenched campgrounds and flooded some of the campsites.

    “It's crazy absolutely crazy we're soaked from top to bottom,” said Tashima Bowe. Getting soaked isn’t what she and her family expected on their holiday camping trip. But the rain didn’t force them out.

    “I made my reservation 6 months ago I said I wasn't going to cancel it,” Bowe explained.

    “We're not going to go anywhere - we're troopers,” said Sheilah Greene.

    Many did take off as soon as the storm hit. “It’s not as busy as it normally is…some people pulled out,” Hope Cotter added.

    Unfortunately the wet weather closed the nearby beach. “We want to do some beaching that's the one thing we couldn't do,” Tashima Bowe added.

    The weather also put a damper on businesses, including Rocky Neck Inn & Suites.

    “Once people knew it was going to rain they had 48 hours to cancel their reservation,” said the owner Steve Carpenteri. He told NBC Connecticut, there were a number of cancellations. He also runs the tavern next door, and that means more empty tables. “We thought we would be a little busier” Carpenteri explained. “The patio bar can't open because everyone will get wet,” he added.

    The hope is that the rain lets up so this holiday weekend can be salvaged.