Rash of Car Burglaries Put Branford Residents On High Alert | NBC Connecticut

Rash of Car Burglaries Put Branford Residents On High Alert



    (Published Monday, Feb. 17, 2014)

    Branford Police are investigating a rash of thefts that took place in a single night.

    Those living on side streets to Brushy Plain Road woke Sunday morning to find many had become the victim of a crime spree.

    "I came out to get the newspaper, and I noticed there was footprints in the snow," said Ron Houde, who found out his vehicle had been broken into.

    Houde followed the footprints and noticed a trail from his neighbor's backyard to his own car.

    "They came from behind my neighbor's house and they came from that way checking the cars as they went along, and unfortunately mine was open. And they stopped and went through it," said Houde.

    In an alert Branford Police noted 15 neighbors reported valuables stolen from their vehicles which were parked on the street or a driveway and that two cars had been taken, every single one unlocked. Investigators are still working to determine if all of it is connected.

    Authorities say both vehicles were recovered, one in Branford and the other in New Haven. They also said  New Haven Police made an arrest regarding the stolen car but can't say if there's a connection between the suspect and the string of thefts.

    "I felt violated a little bit, like they were in my space," said Houde. "I wasn't happy, but like I said, I was fortunate. It could have been worse."

    Houde says nothing of great value was stolen from him and despite the garage door opener inside the Jeep, the thief never made it further than his car.

    Police ask residents to be vigilant by making sure their doors are locked and no valuables are left inside. They also urge residents to report any suspicious activity immediately to police.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Branford Police at 203-481-4241.