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DMV Offers New Vanity Plates



    CT DMV
    The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has updated rules for vanity plates and is now offering new variations of the plates for car owners.

    Vanity plates with a mixture of letters and numbers will be available at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) starting April 1.

    Improved technology now permits the DMV to meet requests for plates without a dot separating the letters and numbers, according to Commissioner Melody Currey.

    The use of the dot was consistent with a previous pattern for standard marker plates, Currey said.

    “New technology allows us to improve services and we are working on that. These changes are part of a multi-million-dollar effort at DMV to better integrate and replace old technology, achieve taxpayer savings, and make government more responsive,” Currey said.

    The rules for requesting the new plates are available at the Department of Motor Vehicle’s website.