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2 hours ago

Ferry Relatives Offer DNA to ID Lost Children

2 hours ago

13th Body Recovered From Everest Avalanche

2 minutes ago

Woman Finds Body While Hunting for Easter Eggs

49 minutes ago

Grandma Left Vengeful Note Prior to Murder of Grandsons: AP

4 hours ago

Underwater Hunt for Missing Jet to Be "Intensified"

2 hours ago

Katherine Russell: The Mystery of the Boston Bombing Widow

12 minutes ago

Remains Found Inside Truck in Texas Lake Could Help Solve 1979 Cold Case

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 at 12:05 PM

I think he would do it.  

— Russian President Vladimir Putin Asked if he thought Barack Obama would save him if he were drowning. Obama is a "decent and quite courageous person," Putin also said.
5 hours ago

What to Know About the Pot Industry

38 minutes ago

Part of Man's Ear Bitten Off by Underage Girlfriend's Brother

5 hours ago

Putin Plays Risky Game With Ukraine: Ex-Analyst

3 hours ago

Mazda Recalls Older SUVs, VW Cites Fire Hazard in Some Models

2 hours ago

Woman Awakes to Find Prowler Covering Her Mouth

3 hours ago

Armed Robbers Storm NJ Scrap Yard, Tie Up Hostages, Shoot at Cops

5 hours ago

"I Am Sorry": Ferry Captain Explains Delay in Evacuation

The captain of a South Korean ferry that sank, leaving hundreds missing, apologized Saturday as he was taken to jail in handcuffs, NBC News reported. Lee Joon-seok, who has been charged with abandoning ship, defended his delay in ordering an evacuation, saying he feared passengers would drown in the water if they left the ship because rescue boats had not yet made it to the area. A senior prosecutor told reporters that one of the officers who was steering the ship was navigating the area's waters for the first time. Read »
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