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3 minutes ago

Maine Nurse "Humbled" After Judge Nixes Quarantine

54 minutes ago

Accused Pa. Trooper Killer Charged With Murder

58 minutes ago

Giant Drill Bit Pierces Subway Tunnel, Touches Train

2 hours ago

Federal Gov't Made $20B in Recent, Secret Purchases

25 minutes ago

Human Skulls, Witchcraft Books Found at Stamford Dump

2 hours ago

UVa. Suspect's Attorney Asks for Psych Evaluation

2 hours ago

Teen Accused of Trying to Kill Family to Have Competency Exam

A 15-year-old Detroit-area girl accused of plotting to kill her family so she could run off with her boyfriend, will undergo a forensic exam to see if she is competent to stand trial, NBC News reported. Roksana Sikorski, has been charged as an adult for the Oct. 17 knife attack. Her adoptive parents say that she has a mental illness and was manipulated into violence by Michael Rivera, 23. On Friday a judge ordered competency exams for both. The Sikorskis, who adopted Roksana and her two siblings from an abusive family in Poland, had filed a statutory rape complaint against Rivera, and Roksana's attorney, Leslie Posner, has said Rivera convinced her to murder her family because of the rape charge. Read »
Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014 at 4:48 PM

Made Pariahs for Helping? Ebola Aid Groups Struggle

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014 at 10:37 PM

There's only one person: Denzel.  

— Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder giving his opinion on the best actor to portray him in a movie while speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum.
4 minutes ago

Drivers Scoop up Cash That Fell From Armored Truck

48 minutes ago

What You Didn't Know About Daylight Saving Time

Friday, Oct 24, 2014 at 5:37 AM

What You Need to Know: How the Ebola Virus Is Spread

5 minutes ago

SpaceShipTwo Has "In-Flight Anomaly" During Test Flight

24 minutes ago

Chicago Marathon Champ Rita Jeptoo Fails Doping Test, Agent Says

39 minutes ago

Arctic Blast to Bring Shivers to Millions on Halloween

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