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Piven's Gold May Branch Into Sports on "Entourage"



    Could Ari Gold be branching out into into sports on "Entourage" as the HBO show heads into its seventh season?

    That was the very clear message from actor Jeremy Piven, who has racked up some serious Emmy awards playing the brash Hollywood agent.

    "I love the way my character is evolving," Piven said. "This is a little bit of an exclusive, but he's looking to get into sports. He may go into some kind of sports ownership."

    Appropriately, Piven was speaking on WGN during the rain delay of the White Sox game against the Mariners when he made the admission. Then he clammed up.

    "I probably shouldn't say anything more."

    This would also explain Piven's recent Twit-pic of himself on set with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones.

    Ari Gold has the obnoxious personality to fit into the world of professional team ownership. And if he needed acting points for the part, Jones clearly was the guy to go to.

    But this might be a leap too far for the character who has earned his cred from playing the ultimate Hollywood insider. We'll see June 27 when the new season premieres.