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Kate Gosselin Hasn't Told Kids About Summer Travel Plans



    Kate Gosselin can't wait to hit the road with her kids for TLC's travel special "Kate Plus 8" this summer, but the children are on a need to know basis.

    Gosselin admitted to PopcornBiz that while the world knows about the show, she has held off telling her younger co-stars (especially the six five-year-olds). She figures waiting until the last minute will help her keep her sanity.

    "I don't want to tell them yet truthfully because I'll be bugged to death," Gosselin says. "It's the Mom in me, I'm sorry."

      If the kids find out a cross-country trip is in the offing, Gosselin knows she'll hear a refrain of "when are we going?" until they are finally on the road.

    Gosselin joked she might hold off until they are actually packing. "It'll be like, 'Mom, why are you packing?' It's because we're going away."

    TLC announced the travel special for the famous single-mom and her sextuplet/twin family last week during press junkets with the media and advertisers.

    While issues with ex-husband Jon Gosselin have temporally shelved a regular show of "Kate Plus 8," the network is moving ahead with a series of irregular travel specials.

    She says the kids will be thrilled. "We love traveling and seeing the world and learning."

    Gosselin will also take part in a show which involves her working with Americans across the country in "Twist of Kate."