Connecticut in Color: New Store in Hartford is a Sneakerhead's Dream

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There’s a new home for sneakerheads in Hartford. 

"Rundown" is a homegrown store for the latest and greatest in footwear that just opened its latest location in the capital city with a pretty cool concept to connect people to shoes they can’t find anywhere else.

Rundown opened its doors on Pratt Street in downtown Hartford.

“We’re giving you the rundown of what’s the latest and greatest in sneakers, clothing and fashion,” said owner Christian Scott about the name for the store that’s the culmination of a lifelong love of sneakers.

Rundown specializes in all things style on the secondary market. They carry hard-to-find original Air Jordans as well as classics like the Nike Air Force 1.

The Pratt street location follows the original store in Bridgeport, which Scott opened in 2020.

“I’ve been selling sneakers my whole life. When I was a kid I used to stand outside the stores for 24 hours just waiting for whatever sneaker was going to drop that morning.  It’s gotten a lot more digital now," Scott said.

Customers can buy shoes and clothes that the store has in stock, or trade in something they already own. They can also sell their items for cash. Each new item gets posted to Rundown’s Instagram account, and some shoes sell instantly and for a pretty penny.

“It starts around a hundred bucks for your typical all-white Air Force, then we go upwards of thousands. We’ve sold sneakers for $5,000 plus” said Scott.

Rundown caters to an ever-growing market of people who use their shoes to say who they are.

“It's kind of like an art piece. People wear clothing as a form of self-expression and creativity. Sneakers are a great way to do that,” Scott said.

You can learn more about the store by checking out Rundown's Instagram account.

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