5/11: Art, Dinner and Music From a Bicycle

BICYCLE BUILT FOR TOURING:  The Space in Hamden is offering an open mic night tonight, which in and of itself isn't wholly unusual.  But it's the featured act that's bringing a hint of uniqueness to the evening's proceedings.  Moe Provencher is a singer, songwriter, engineer, musician, etc.  She and drummer Aimee Zoe will take the stage tonight for their brand of folk/Americana.  Their stop at the Space is part of a tour of the Atlantic Coast.  And their doing it by bicycle.  Yep, you read correctly.  Moe Provencher is touring the Atlantic seaboard without a bus, without a plane, without a crappy van that high school garage bands would kill for.  She's out on a months-long trek to promote her album "Blues Filter Through," on a ten-speed Huffy (okay, not sure if she's riding a Huffy, but can't you just see her pull up at the concert with streamers flowing from the handle bars?).  Tickets are just $5.  9pm.

CLOSE CALL:  Head to the University of Hartford tonight, for an art exhibit that combines the images of photography and the phrases of poetry.  "A Couple Ways of Doing Something" is a traveling exhibition from Aperture Foundation that features the photography of Chuck Close and poetry of Bob HolmanClose's photographs are daguerreotypes, a type of picture that takes a positive image developed on a metallic plate.  If you look at the picture from an angle, it looks simply like a reflection of light, but if you look straight-on, you see a remarkable depth of detail.  Close's photos are accompanied by Holman's "praise poems" of Close's subjects.  Don't understand a word you just read?  See for yourself.  Head to the Joseloff Gallery at UHart to check out the exhibit for free through June 27.

IT TAKES TWO:  We're all living through the same economy.  It seems to get harder and harder these days to pay our bills and still find time for a little enjoyment in the middle of the week.  But what if you could turn that upside down.  What if you could say to your sweetheart, "Sweetheart, let's go out tonight.  I know it's Tuesday, but let's live a little!  We deserve it."  Tonight, we can help you make that happen.  Head to Tango in Glastonbury for a very special dinner.  Tango will give you a free meal, with the purchase of one of their daily specials.  How's that for a dinner deal?

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