8/25: Art, Tomatoes & Music

MODERN ART:  From Styrofoam balls, rubber tubing and plastic mesh, Gelah Penn uses some unusual materials in her art.  Penn's exhibit "Clash By Night" is on display right now at Real Art Ways in Hartford.  Penn's art is specifically set up in the space.  Each piece presents jagged lines, 3-dimensional shapes and colors set against stark white walls.  It's just $3 to get in (and free for members). You should really experience the experience.

YOU SAY TOMATO:  They grow wild in your garden, and if you're like us, by the end of summer you've run out of ideas for them. Tonight's the night to celebrate everyone's favorite summer vegetable (or fruit, if you want to get technical).  Firebox Restaurant is featuring the tomato in all its glory tonight.  Chefs will prepare a five-course meal (including dessert!) using fresh, local tomatoes from around the state.  Each course will be paired with a wine selection.  It's $65 a person, and seating is limited, so make your reservations.  6:30PM.

ALTERNAPOP:  The Elm City's music scene will be on display tonight.  Christina Harris is playing at Cafe Nine in New HavenHarris, a singer/songwriter says her influences include the likes of Tom Waits, The Pretenders, Joni Mitchell, Danny Elfman and The Beatles.  (We say, if you listen closely, you'll hear Aimee Mann, and that's not a bad thing.)  And she writes all her own stuff (also, not a bad thing).  Tickets are just $5. 10PM.

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