High Flying Ladies, This Site's For You

As women make more of the decisions both at work and home -- which we know -- American Airlines is launching a Web site targeting female flyers.

According to the airline, women make at least 70% of all the travel purchase decisions and that is why the airline specifically designed the site for women, who not only book flights for business travel, but family trips as well.

It includes a forum for women to share travel ideas, on-line travel guides, videos aimed at women, links to women's organizations, and -- since only women love to shop -- stores.

"I like the fact that they're watching the profile and seeing that there are more international travelers and trying cater to special needs for us," says business traveler Toni Harrigan.

As an international real estate agent, she spends much of her life on the road.

"I'm hoping personally that over time it will become more of an interactive blog that we can get more instantaneous feedback from our customers," says LeAnn Marchbanks, American Airlines.

Click here for the site.

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