Signs Say Tesla Will Rock Toad's

“Bang bang, shoot ‘em up, bang bang, blow you away.”

Oh yeah!  Raise your lighters and get ready to pump your fists because Tesla, the Modern Day Cowboys, will be returning to Connecticut to rock Toad’s Place.

Tesla is currently on tour supporting their latest album “Forever More,” and on April 28 they will play at the legendary New Haven music club.

Tesla has sold 16 million albums worldwide and has played the largest arenas across the country, but from my own personal experience, they sound best in the smaller, more intimate venues.

I have seen the band three times, twice at the Webster Theater in Hartford and once at the Oakdale in Wallingford (I can’t call it anything but the Oakdale) and the two shows at the Webster blew the larger concert away.

That’s because Tesla perfected the art of crowd interaction from their acoustic shows. 

In 1990, they released a live acoustic album called “Five Man Acoustical Jam,” which featured the top 10 cover of Five Man Electrical Band’s “Signs.” The success of the song and the album led to them touring and really owning the style of sitting on stools and rocking on acoustic guitars.

This tour is not a straight up acoustic show like others in the past, which leads me to believe that it will be even be better. Besides their great songs, Tesla has incredible energy on stage and lead singer Jeff Keith still has the chops to belt out all their classic hits.

The band says they are opening their concerts with a couple of their news songs to show everyone that they are supporting their new music. Their first single is “I Wanna Live” and it fits right in with the message that the band has portrayed in their entire music catalog.

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon said in an interview on that “I Wanna Live” is all about sending out a positive message.  “Songs with positive lyrical messages about life has been an underlying theme for a lot of Tesla’s music,” said Hannon.

Tickets are on sale now and are $25 in advance, which is a steal as far as concerts go these days.

So, bring your lighter and get ready to sing-a-long with me during “Love Song.”

“Love will find a way, find its way back to you.”

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