Appeal Of Mayor's Investigation Open to Public

The case on the grand jury report begins Wednesday

A grand jury report on Hartford Eddie Mayor Perez and allegations of corruption in Hartford city government might not be public but the hearing on whether it its contents should be revealed will be public. 

Last week, Connecticut Judge Dennis Eveleigh said he would seal much of his final report because parts of the report could either damage a person's right to a fair trial or the Mayor's reputation. 
Then, the Hartford Courant  appealed the decision and the state Supreme Court will hear the case on Wednesday, the Courant reports.
Perez has pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery, falsifying evidence and conspiracy to falsify evidence. The charges, which were filed earlier this year, are related to work Carlos Costa, a city contractor, did at the mayor’s Bloomfield Avenue home.
The grand jury investigation has been focused on allegations of corruption in Hartford city government.
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