Bad Economy, Good Travel Deals

The bad economy could mean sweet deals for travelers this year. Travel agencies in Connecticut say trip to some of the most exotic locations have become more affordable. 

Graham Hird, a travel agent in Enfield, said business has been slow but it has picked up.

“The economy's been so soft for a long time and the airline industry and the cruise line industry,” he said. Places have had to cut prices to get people to go to their destinations.

Las Vegas is a good example of places where there are deals. You can also get a deal at tropical locations.

“We're seeing really good reductions for Hawaii.  And not just for the next month or two, but for the entire year of 2009,” Hird said.

Delta Airlines has dropped its fares by 20 percent for travel between May and October, but you must book in February.

Looking for something closer and sooner? Some Boston hotels are offering Valentine's Day specials with half-priced rates.

The deals, Hird said, won't stick around for long. 

He offers the following advice:

  • Search early
  • Be flexible on your travel dates
  • Be ready to book and pay.
  • Be optimistic, even some of the most expensive vacations are within your reach if you act fast enough.

Have you found good deals? Share them below.

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