Basking in Butter

The buttery French cookies that have stolen our hearts spotted at Metaphone in New Haven.

BY WAY OF FRANCE: We love sweet treats, especially when they happen to be au Français. That is why we love the Port-Aven cookies we spied at New Haven's Euro-outpost, Metaphore. The thicker biscuits are Traou Mad de Pont and the thinner, Les Galletes de Pont; both come housed in adorable tin canisters and both contain at least 26 percent butter content. Yes, please.
TUTU FOR YOU: As you read, we're waiting on pins and needles for the Rodarte for Target release, but until then, we've been supplementing our cravings for tulle with Free People's Flirt Tutu Skirts (Free People, Greenwich, $58.) The perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe, the Tutu Skirts, in black, white, or pink, can be slipped under party dresses for extra fluff or rocked on their own, Carrie Bradshaw style.

METALS FOR MOM: Still wondering what to get mom this Christmas? Take your baby pictures over to La Perla Fine Jewelers in Blue Back Square, where they will team up with you to create a custom-made Silhouette Charm out of pure 14K yellow gold. The charm is meticulously traced and cut out by hand and comes with a bonus gift of two hand-cut paper silhouttes, for framing or the scrapbook or whatever it is mothers do with these things.

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