Beauty Guru's Ex Can't Air Ugly Divorce Details

The ex-wife of beauty guru and celeb dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone was a little hasty in her plans to air dirty laundry after their ugly divorce, the Connecticut Supreme Court has decided. After all, there was the little matter of a confidentiality agreement.

In case you thought you’ve heard the name before, Dr. Perricone, who has been referred to as the Guilford cosmeceutical magnate, is known for pricy anti-wrinkle cream, the 10 superfoods diet and a new anti-age perfume that sells for $250 for 25 milliliters.

The ugliness for the couple who made millions on making other people pretty started in September 2003 with a custody battle and got increasingly worse.

Then in 2005, Nicholas Perricone learned that his former wife, Madeleine, planned to appear on a national television show, so he got a restraining order to prevent her from discussing their divorce.

Before the couple split, they apparently signed some sort of confidentiality agreement that recognized Nicholas Perricone's business interests could be harmed. That contributed to the court siding with the doc.

His former wife appealed, citing her free speech rights and arguing that a separation agreement that ended their marriage replaced the confidentiality agreement.

The high court ruled unanimously that Madeleine Perricone waived her First Amendment rights and that the confidentiality agreement was not affected by the separation agreement.

The Perricones were locked in a bitter divorce battle in which Madeleine Perricone accused her former husband of cheating and emotional abuse while he said his fourth wife had a history of mental illness and dug into her stint as a call girl, The Hartford Courant reported in 2006.

Nicholas Perricone at the time made $457,000 per month from his company and royalties on patents and books. He spent nearly $24,000 per month on travel and entertainment, while Madeleine Perricone reported spending $5,000 per month on clothes for herself and her daughter.

The couple had angry confrontations at the daughter's school, argued over the use of a luxurious vacation home in Florida and a trip to see Pope John Paul II.

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