Buying Practicality with Baccarat

Sailor striped cashmere and the Paris 75 arrives in Darien

BARGAINING FOR BACCARAT: Still lusting for a chunky gem collar necklace from Burberry Prorsum? Subdue your cravings with a faceted led-crystal "Rock Ring" from Baccarat that also comes at a price point more favorable than the Christopher Bailey masterpiece that runs around $2K. Baccarat's satisfying weight on your finger should give you an edge in the boardroom, a curve at cocktails, and the ability to part the Red Sea. Okay, not that. Find Baccarat's Rock Ring ($200-$230) in a variety of luscious colors at Baccarat in Greenwich.

NET-WORTHY NYLON: Longchamp and Hervé Chapelier may have been retired to 'travel-only' status since your college days, but if you're hoping for a more adult-version of your favorite packable nylon bag, look no further than John Pierre Klifa's Paris 75. Available embellished with hefty gold hardware or just simple and spacious, JPK's Paris 75 comes at a higher price point than your campus favorites, but are just as durable and reliable as you remembered. Find a new shipment of the Paris 75 at the Darien Sport Shop.

LUSTING FOR LUTZ: Wishing that you had rethought your trendy but excruciatingly heavy and haughty cashmere collection that seemed oh-so-practical in sub-zero temps last winter? Check out the cashmere goddesses of Lutz and Patmos' Mariner Boatneck, a figure-friendly shape, slimmed-down and striking at the hip, featuring one of the biggest summer-to-fall transitional trends this year, breton stripes in - of course - featherweight cashmere. Pairs perfectly with chambray and clambakes. Find the Mariner Boatneck ($375) Henry Lehr in Westport or online.

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