Calling Grace Coddington

MEOW MIX: Nothing against our feline friends (we happen to be owners ourselves) but we get a serious kick out of the Crazy Cat Lady Board Game from Accoutrements. Almost like the game of Life, but a little sadder, literally. (We kid. If anything, we learned cats are extremely cool in the fashion world this year, just ask Vogue Creative Director, Grace Coddington.) The main goal is to collect as many cats (obviously) as possible while taking a trip around the board, facing obstacles and surprises like "Kitten Distracted by Bit of Fluff" (causing you to lose a cat.) Two to four players are needed to play a game, and no, your cat can't be one of them.

BUY IT: Find the Crazy Cat Lady Board Game at Urban Outfitters, online only, for $28.

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