Church Bans Badly Behaving Sledders

The hill near Our Lady of Victory in West Haven once welcomed people on sleds and tubes, but no more. When people get hurt, they sue the church.

Not only do they sue, The Rev. Joseph Cronin, pastor of Our Lady of Victory Church tells the New Haven Register, but people also swear at priests and pull down signs that say “No trespassing. No sledding. No snowboarding.”

Parents of sledders even goaded Cronin, arguing that Jesus himself would allow them to sled.

So, Cronin is getting tough. Anyone on the hill or driving carelessly through the church parking lot will get a ticket for trespassing, he told the newspaper.

“Perhaps you find it cruel or too bad that some people ruin things for everyone, but your money that you donate to your church to operate and maintain our parish is being wasted on frivolous lawsuits,” he wrote in a letter to parishioners, the Register reports. “Since people don’t seem to be able to exercise judgment for themselves, we will do it for them.”

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