This Auction Will Float Your Boat

Looking for a boat?

Looking for a good deal on a boat?  You may just find it Saturday in Bridgeport

Captain's Cove Seaport is auctioning off several boats that have been abandoned by their owners, according to the Connecticut Post.

The marina is auctioning the boats to try and recoup unpaid storage fees.

"What happens is boats are hauled out of the water for the winter season, and for a variety of reasons, the owners don't keep up with the fees. The fees accumulate and, for whatever reason, the owners basically abandon the boats," marina vice president Bruce Williams told the paper.

Five boats are up for auction this weekend.  They include a 30-foot Trimaran and a 26-foot Columbia sailboat.  Both of those vessels were built in 1969.  There are also power boats, including a 1977 33-foot Egg Harbor, and two 1985 models, a 26-foot Sea Sprite, and a 25-foot Bayliner.

Williams says what the boats sell for will depend on who shows up at the auction.

The bidding gets underway at the Captain's Cove Seaport in Bridgeport Saturday beginning at 10 a.m.  

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