Are Your Toys Naughty or Nice?

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut is helping parents pick out safe toys this holiday season.  It teamed up with to test children’s toys that are on the shelves this time of year.
“Unlike food products, toys don’t come with an ingredients list,” said Polly Barey of the Connecticut Nurses’ Association.
The findings said parents should still be cautious about the toys they allow their children to play with.
“While the 2008 testing shows some improvement from last year in lead in toys, it turns out lead is still found to be widespread, detected in 20 percent of the products tested,” said Barey.
All of the findings were listed on  The website also allows parents to look up individual toys.  Through the website, Elizabeth O’Neill, a West Hartford mother, found out her daughter’s toy was toxic.
“It turns out, after looking at Healthy, one of the toys my daughter had been playing with on Thanksgiving happened to be one of the top 10 lead filled toys,” said O’Neill.

In a statement e-mailed to NBC, LeapFrog said it disputes the results of the report stating there are elevated levels of lead in the Leapster2 carrying case. The company also disputes the testing methodology used.


”LeapFrog’s complete line of learning products, including accessories, is designed and tested to exceed the strictest safety requirements for children's products,” the company said in a statement. “LeapFrog has substantive and certified testing results from a third-party lab that verifies the Leapster2 carry case well exceeds all safety requirements, in both the United States and Europe. As part of our ongoing testing procedure, the Leapster2 carrying case was most recently tested in October 2008.”


The report is based on results from a handheld X-ray fluorescence device, according to LeapFrog.

“These machines are known to produce questionable results. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission will soon conduct, ‘a study to evaluate the effectiveness, precision and reliability of XRF technology,’ the LeapFrog said.

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Examples of Toys Containing Lead 

  • 2 Hearts and HM graphic Necklace by Disney

  • Halloween Pumpkin Pin, The Christmas Tree Shop

  • Bracelets Collection, The Christmas Tree Shop

  • Just My Style “It’s So Charming” Jewelry Charm Bracelets, Just My Style Jewelry
  • High School Musical crown necklace, Disney  
  • Leapster2 / Wall.E, LeapFrog * (LeapFrog disputes report findings) 
  • Fairy & Flowers Sandals, HuanCheng 
  •  Thistle Blocks, Edushape  

  • Turbo Wheels - Lime Green, Greenbrier International, Inc. 

  • High School Musical “HSM” necklace, Disney



Examples of Toys Containing Bromine  

  • Road Racers with Play Mat, Fun Club
  • Lightning McQueen Racing Chair, Disney
  • Lift-it Luke, Wow  D
  • Disney Fairies Fold-out Chair & Sleeping Pad, Disney
  • Wii, Nintendo  
  • Princess Jewelry, Brand name was not recorded 
  • 4 Necklaces, Unique

  • Table Top Champion Ping Pong, International Playthings
  • 4 in a Row, International Playthings
  • Little Princess Flashing Magic Wand, D.M. Production

 Examples of Toys Containing Cadmium  

  • Halloween Pumpkin Pin, The Christmas Tree Shop
  • Totally Me! Dressy Rainbow Jewelry, Geoffrey, Inc 
  • Ball Track, Large Basic Set, HABA 

Examples of Toys Containing Arsenic 

  • Halloween Pumpkin Pin, The Christmas Tree Shop
  • Totally Me! Dressy Rainbow Jewelry, Geoffrey, Inc 
  • Best Friend Bands, Alex  

Examples of Toys Containing Mercury  

  • IFlops, Jay at Play
  • 8 Mini Twist Up Crayons, Alex
  • Bath Letters & Numbers, Little Tikes 

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