High End Getaway Hidden in Litchfield Hills

Picturesque Morris, Conn. has a population of a little more than 2,300.  It also houses a new exclusive and unique resort called Winvian. 

"Until you actually come onto the property it's very very hard to wrap your head around what we've done here,” said Winvian owner, Maggie Smith.

Winvian, is named for its once owners Win and Vivian Smith.  It was the Manhattan couple’s weekend home.

Now 113 acre property is a spa and resort that features some unconventional accommodations.

"All of these cottages have some frame of reference in it to the state of CT,"

There are sixteen, thousand square foot cottages, each designed by a different architect.

"I would say the biggest wow factor for all ages, including my grandchildren, are the tree house and the helicopter," Smith said.

The tree house is not for those fearful of heights.  It sits thirty-five feet off the ground.

"You clearly get the feel that some kids were involved and I think what this does, it takes all of us back to our childhood,” Smith said.

The helicopter cottage also features the real thing,  a C King Pelican helicopter.

A night's stay in one of these five star cottages fetches a rate of $1,450 to $1,950.

 Winvian has only been up and running for a little more than a year but it's already attracted some repeat customers and celebrities.

Sorry we can't say who.

"We are very protective of our clients and we do honor a confidentiality agreement for all of our guests," said Smith.

And those guests have plenty of options including, an up close look at nature.

"Right over the bed here we have the beaver dam. When one is lying in bed at night that is what they see looking up at the ceiling," said Smith.

Or you can enjoy the great outdoors brought inside in the Woodlands Cottage, complete with tree stump sinks and a stone shower.

All of the cottages also feature fireplaces.  Perhaps, the most impressive can be found in the Stone Cottage.

"We had a lot of fun with the interior of it and tried to stick to the idea that you were possibly back in the stone age era, Winvian style," Smith said.

From prehistoric to progressive, the greenhouse is open, airy and Eco friendly.

"It's full of sunlight.  It has its own natural warming capabilities," said Smith.

This destination is a mix of dreamland and decadence, hiding in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.

"We definitely spark childlike enthusiasm among our clientele,” said Smith.

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