If You Ever Want to Catch a Cop

DUNK IT: Do you ever fantasize about 8-inch wide mega donuts? (Us too.) Ever get to the drive-thru at a certain double initial donut shop that shall remain unnamed and plead and beg with the staff, only to be handed a jumbo iced coffee instead? (Us too!) Well, fantasize no more: Williams-Sonoma, the makers of many handy "never knew how bad we needed this" gadgets has created the Giant Donut Cake Pan. Much like the overdone but ever popular Giant Cupcake Cake Pan, mainly seen at children's birthday parties, the Giant Donut Cake Pan is for real men and women, a treat fit only for the biggest sweet teeth around.

BUY IT: Find at Williams-Sonoma, Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, or online for $19.95.

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