Illegal Hunter Targets Dog Instead of Deer

A hunter in a tree stand, trespassing on private property, shot and killed a man's dog Thursday morning.

Police say the dog's owner, Peter Laue, was standing nearby when his Golden Retriever was suddenly shot just after sunrise in a lot off Plungis Road in Watertown.

Laue, who's from Woods Hole, Massachusetts,  was staying at his weekend cottage.

Officers from the Department of Environmental Protection say the hunter, 36 year old Gino Carrier, did not have permission from Laue to hunt on his property.

Carrier is charged with negligent hunting, illegal deer hunting, reckless endangerment and shooting towards a person or domestic animal. 

Two others were also arrested.  31 year old Ronald Siemiatkoski was charged with failure to carry written permission to deer hunt, and failure to carry deer tags.  An unidentified 15 year old faces illegal deer hunting charges.

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