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Michele Savoia
Le Whif

MICRO-COCOA: No calorie chocolate? Pinch us, we must be dreaming. But, it's true, thanks to a Harvard professor and founder of The LaboGroup in Paris, David Edwards, and his invention: Le Whif. Edwards' invention is so cool that it was already praised by the coolest of the cool Parisian boutique, Collette, and is finally coming stateside for select retailers this month. About the size of a tube of lipstick and a similar practice to your common inhaler, Le Whif uses a simple puff of air to push chocolate particles onto your tongue for all the taste without the calories... or the chewing. The best part (it gets better?), Le Whif comes in three flavors: pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate and mint chocolate.

Still prefer the solid version? Well, Le Whif is also looking to appeal to the caffeine-addicted generation with a coffee version of their airborne indulgence for "all the kick, without the cup."

BUY IT: Le Whif and Le Whif Coffee launched this month at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York and Cardullo's in Cambridge and will continue to make in-store appearances throughout the country in the next few months. Otherwise, Le Whif is available for limited purchase online for approximately $2.50

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