LF Wishes It was Back in College

We know it's easy to let things go this time of year, but when we stopped into the ultra trendy LF in Westport yesterday, the store looked like was freshening up for an episode of A&E's reality series, "Hoarders."

Clothes--expensive clothes at that--were strewn every which way, red underwear was draped over feathered accessories, and shoes (those that were matched) were stuffed in messy cubbies.

We asked if they were gearing up for a sale? Not yet. And staffers said they weren't expecting spring arrivals for a few weeks, unmoved when we suggested there was a lot of stuff everywhere.

Conclusion drawn: With a clientele of co-eds, this is some sort of deliberate attempt to recreate the look of a dorm room or whoever is in charge of cleaning got stuck in the blizzard.

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