Life's Shirley Not a Drag For These Queens

It’s not your run of the mill “royal gala” at the Polo Club in Hartford.  These female impersonators have, well, a little something to hide.

They're men by day, but once night falls the wigs come on and they strut on stage in stiletto heels impersonating such singers as Beyonce, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

In this woman's opinion, their looks are flawless and can make the most beautiful woman second-guess her appearance.

MC Diabolique has been impersonating women for over ten years. She has a dedicated following and draws a crowd every Saturday night at the event which is perfectly named for these ladies:  “Simply Diva.”

Diabolique even released a song entitled "Face, Body, B*tch, Queen," which you can pick up on iTunes.

"It's about time people appreciate the gay and transgendered community in a positive light," she said, while putting on her ensemble for the next stage appearance.

Other divas included Essence a full-figured busty Beyonce impersonator who performed the singer’s latest hit “Halo”, and is remarkably handy with a needle and thread, creating many of her garments from scratch.

And Britney Spears could take a lesson on how to keep her legs closed from her female impersonator look-a-like, Marita Bonita.  Her perfect abs look like Britney’s did before the kids came along.

Performances like these have inspired the hit television reality show "RuPaul's Drag Race" on Logo, in which nine drag queens fight for the chance to become the next Drag Superstar.

But for this night, Diabolique, Essence, and Marita Bonita took center stage.

You can catch the fierce threesome strutting their stuff and impersonating your favorite female celebrity entertainer every Saturday night at the Polo Club on Maple Avenue in Hartford.  Shows are at 11pm, 12am, and 1am.

If you think you have the chops to “Lip Sync for your Life”, (while in drag of course), you can make an appearance this Saturday for the Drag Awards in which they will crown the top lip synca. More details can be found by clicking here.

And may the best queen win.

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