Man Took Bus and Its Passengers for a Spin

He didn't get far before the joy ride came to an abrupt end.

In shades of Keanu Reeves, a man jumped behind the wheel of a bus with passengers on board - and sped off!

It happened around 3 p.m. Friday while the bus driver was helping a passenger on Asylum Avenue near Willard Street in Hartford.

Police say Eliezer Carmona of Windsor unsuccessfully tried to abduct a teenager from West Middle School and tried to get away using the bus.

There were 5 passengers on board the paratransit bus, which is used to transport the elderly or disabled, said the Executive Director of the Greater Hartford Transit District.

Police quickly spotted the bus and stopped it about a half-mile away on Garden Street.  The man behind the wheel was arrested on the spot.  No one was reported injured.

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