Mayor Stands By Cop After Seizure

A Stratford police officer on leave since a crash on June 6 is classified as injured on duty and whether he returns to duty depends on the investigation into the crash.

Officer Justin Loschiavo suffered a seizure and rear-ended a car at Beardsley and Stratford avenues earlier this month, according to the first man to reach him after the crash.

"He was foaming at the mouth," Mark Campbell said.

That crash prompted some questions about whether he should have been hired, according to the Post.
Mayor James Miron held a new conference Monday and flatly rejected allegations former police officers made to the Connecticut Post that LoSchiavo never should have been hired.

Miron also produced pages from LoSchiavo's application in 2005 showing that two lieutenants and two sergeants recommended he be hired.

He also produced an approval from a doctor at Immediate Medical Care of Monroe whose signature he could not decipher.

The Post reported that Stratford's own doctor had earlier recommended LoSchiavo not be hired. Mayor Miron would not comment on whether there was or was not such a recommendation.

The Stratford detectives are investigating two fatal crashes that take precedence over the investigation into LoSchiavo's crash, Miron said.

Sgt. Victor Velez, of the police officers' union, said the union supports LoSchiavo without taking a position on his medical condition.

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