Taking a Bite Out of the State's Best Burgers

The Counter Burger: The Newest Bite in Town

The days of the overcooked hockey pucks are over.  There's a new restaurant in West Hartford that is redefining the way burgers are devoured.

The Counter Burger is focused on custom-built burgers. The restaurant boasts more than 312,120 different combinations. You pick the kind of meat you want, the size, the cheese and the type of bun (or lettuce, for those of you watching your carbs). Think you're ready to chow down? You're only halfway down the menu options.

Now it's time to pick your toppings. Sure, they have the traditional lettuce and ketchup, but why stop there? Add dried cranberries or hard-boiled eggs to top your patty.  And don't forget the sauce. Whether you've got a taste for the heat (spicy sour cream) or you're feeling like Thai (peanut sauce), they've got you -- and your burger -- covered.

And your customized burger is just one part. The sweet potato fries win over many. You also can't go wrong with "The Fifty-Fifty" -- half-sweet fries, half-onion straws.

If you're an indecisive person, this restaurant probably isn't for you. Your first visit can be overwhelming, but the second is just delicious. And trust us - you'll want to come back a second time.

The Counter Burger in West Hartford is the only one in the state. It joins some good company in the local burger scene, which includes Plan B Burger and Bar, Five Guys Burgers and FriesWood-n-Tap and Red Robin

If West Hartford is not on your normal route, don't worry. There are some other burger places you should try, including World Famous Ted's Restaurant in Meriden and Louis' Lunch in New Haven.

Did we leave out your favorite? Comment below.

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