“Today Show” Sits Down With Nun Who Kissed Elvis

Mother Dolores Hart took a trip to the Oscars yesterday because a film on her life was nominated.

When Dolores Hart stepped on the red carpet in Hollywood on Sunday, it was a sure bet that no one else would be wearing what she was to the Oscars.

She was wearing the nun’s habit she has donned since leaving Hollywood in 1963 to become a Benedictine nun.

Hart, 73, who starred in “King Creole” and “Loving You” with Elvis and in “Where the Boys Are,” is now a nun at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem and the short documentary about her life “God is The Bigger Elvis,” was up for an Oscar.

"It's absolutely an extraordinary event," Mother Dolores said on the red carpet. "Believe me, this is very different than being in the monastery."

Back in her acting days, Hart shared an on-screen kiss with Elvis and Ann Curry asked a question that would be unusual to ask any other nun – “Is Elvis a good kisser?”

“I would say he is very good,” Hart said.

As Hart and Curry sit down, they talked about the heartbreak Hart went through decades ago when she chose to leave behind her fiancé, Don Robinson.

“Every love relationship does not have to end at the altar,” Hart recalls telling Robinson.

Over the years, the two have never stopped seeing each other and they’d meet up on Christmas and Easter.

Hart said she did love Robinson, and still does.

The last time Hart was at the Oscars was 1959, when she presented, and Curry asked her what she looked forward to most this trip.

“Winning,” Hart said.

Unfortunately, she did not.

The winner of the Oscar in the documentary short category was “Saving Face,” about a British-Pakistani plastic surgeon who works to help women who have been injured in acid attacks and his patients’ struggles to come to terms with the aftermath of their disfigurement.

But you can see the film about Hart’s life. God is the Bigger Elvis airs on HBO on Thursday, April 5.

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