Burned Out Pets Adopted

Some of the animals burned out of their pet shelter now have new homes with loving families.

Workers from the Animal Rescue Foundation held a pet adoption and food drive Saturday on main street in Plymouth.

Twenty five cats and dogs had been in foster homes since November 23rd when fire tore through the shelter in Terryville.

After reports of the fire were broadcast Sunday night and Monday morning, the shelter received dozens of phone calls from people who wanted to help the stranded animals. 

"Oh my god, the response from the public - my phone is ringing off the wall. We've had 80 to 90 phone calls and e-mails up the kazoo," said Kathy Johnson, shelter manager.

As she fought back tears, Johnson read a letter from a woman who adopted a cat in 1980.

"I had her for 16 years, and out of all my cats she was the best cat I ever had," Johnson read the letter aloud.  "She was and still remains my favorite. If you do decide to rebuild, please contact me," Johnson read further.

The letter writer offered to donate $500 in the pet's name.

Glenn Fuge and his fiancee Jane Kane said they heard about the fire and donated pillows and leashes for the pets now staying in foster homes.

"The stuff I brought down today is stuff I kept from my dog that I had to put to sleep two years ago.  I felt it was time to let it go and put it to good use," Fuge said.  "I know she would have wanted it that way."

The cause of the fire is faulty wiring, the fire Marshall said. The fire broke out around noon in the Animal Rescue Foundation shelter on Main Street Sunday.  Volunteers were setting up a bake sale when the group's president smelled smoke.

The shelter has been in operation for 31 years.  It will have to be torn down and completely rebuilt.

If you're interested in adopting one of the animals, you can attend the adoption event, visit here, or contact: 

Kathy Johnson (860) 589-4705

The shelter is also collecting donations:

Animal Rescue Foundation
P.O. Box 538
Thomaston, CT 06787

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