Special Delivery – Cocaine

Sister accused of sending her brother drugs in prison

If your beloved sibling lives in prison, you might want to make sure whatever you send isn't something that could put you behind bars with them. 

A 31-year-old Bristol woman is facing charges for sending her brother a "special delivery" - coke and not the bottled kind with the motto "the Coke Side of Life."

Brenda Pinette, 31, mailed a package to her brother Kevin Pinette, a prisoner at MacDougall-Walker Correctional back in May.

Inside the package, police found two envelopes containing Mother's Day cards and white powder wrapped in plastic wrap.

Brenda Pinette initially told police the powder came from two crushed-up pain pills.

The powder later tested positive for cocaine.

She faces charges of conveying an unauthorized item into a correctional facility and making a false statement to police and is due in court on Jan. 5. 

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