Foreclosing on Jewish Girls' Summer Plans

No summer camp in Moodus, as foreclosure proceedings begin.

The calendar might say January, but many parents are already thinking about summer camp, but there could be one fewer option.

Attempts to turn Klar Crest, a 21-acre former camp in the village of Moodus, into a summer camp for Jewish girls is running into problems, The Hartford Courant is reports.

For the past decade, Camp Chomeish has been located in different locations throughout New England and Rabbi Sholom B. Stock of Trumbull had been looking for a permanent home for it. In 2007, Stock and a group of investors purchased Klar Crest and began renovations, the Courant reports.
Septic systems have been upgraded. The kitchen has been gutted and redone. In all, $ 1 million has been spent in renovations. 

"We ran into a snag in the summer of 2008 because of the increase in costs," Stock told the Courant. "We applied to PNC Bank for additional funding to finish the work, but because of the economic structure, we were turned down and everything just went into a standstill. ... In July, we had a [verbal] commitment. We hope we are at the final stretch."

Camp Chomeish didn’t open last summer, so no income was generated and Stock couldn’t pay the bills and got behind on the mortgage payments.
Now, PNC Bank, which holds the mortgage on the property and provided investors with a loan for the upgrades, has begun foreclosure proceedings at Superior Court in Middletown.
A summons was filed on Dec. 9. On Dec. 28, a motion for default, failure to appear, was filed, according to court documents.   
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