Ted's Burger Joint Turns 50

It's not your average hamburger

The hamburger remains the most popular entrée on American menus, and with more than fourteen billion grilled to perfection each year in the U.S, many beef buffs are reinventing the traditional burger.

For the past 5 decades, one unique CT restaurant has been cooking up its burgers just a bit differently than the rest of the nation -- Without the grill.

Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden, home to the famous steamed burger, is celebrating the big 5-0 today. 

Steamed burgers? Hmm.

The restaurant’s founder, Ted Duberek, told Travel Channel’s series “Hamburger Paradise” that steaming cooks each patty evenly unlike grilling, which only cooks the top and bottom of a burger.

Like their technique, there have been very few changes to this hole-in-the-wall joint. With the exception of air conditioning and some new appliances, things are done exactly as they were in 1959.

With only four booths and a small counter, the space may be small but the taste is anything but. The square patty comes out of a steam cooker, sandwiched on a Kaiser roll, bathed in melted cheddar and topped of with lettuce, onion and tomato. 

Talk about one heck of a birthday party -- in your mouth!

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