The White Lady of Union Cemetery

Ghost Said to Walk Graveyard

Union Cemetery, Easton

Many claim they've seen "The White Lady" at Union Cemetery.  She's said to walk the graveyard at night and locals tell us they've also seen her on nearby roads. Rod Vecsey, of Easton, said he was driving past the cemetery one night at about 1a.m. when saw her.

"I saw a woman standing farther up the road, so I tapped on the brakes.  As I tapped on the brakes, I felt something touch me.  I looked over and there was a gentlemen sitting in my seat," Vecsey said. "She raised her hand up ... and what I remember the most was her hand got very large. As soon as that happened, I looked over and the image I had seen next to me disappeared."

Vecsey said that's when things got really frightening. 

"As I got over the hill, the road seemed to turn red until I got to the bottom, where there's another church, and the road and everything disappeared".

After his encounter, paranormal investigators came in.  Lorraine and the late Ed Warren, the chief investigators in the original Amityville Horror case, staked out the cemetery.  Lorraine said that Ed was able to get video evidence of the ghost.  She said she keeps that evidence under lock and key because it's so valuable. 

The Paranormal Research Society of New England has a page of its Web site devoted to cemetery ghosts, including Union Cemetery.  

The Cosmic Society posted photos on its Web site. 

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