Drug Raid Nets 13 Arrests, $80,000 in Evidence

Waterbury police arrested 13 people after a six-week undercover investigation into drug activity in the Angel Drive area and seized $80,000 worth of drugs.

Police said undercover officers had bought crack cocaine and heroin from 10 people, obtained arrest warrants for them and conducted a sweep.

During the round up, three more people were arrested and charged with drug possession.

When police executed two search warrants on Angel Drive, they seized a 9-mm handgun, 1,455 bags of heroin, 405 grams of crack cocaine, 190 grams of powder cocaine and 184 grams of raw heroin. Together, the evidence police took is worth an estimated street value of $80,000.

Police identified four of the 13 people arrested and said they are the main suspects.

Police arrested Isaiah Wells, 25, James Gannon, 25, Marcel Pierre, 44, and Marisol Reyes, 30.

Police seized most of the evidence from Reyes’ apartment and said it appears to have been the center of the illegal drug activity in the area. 

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