Barter Business Booming

While most businesses are struggling these days, one in Connecticut is exploding. Barter Business Unlimited in Bristol is bustling with activity.

Owner Debbie Lombardi says business owners trying to improve cash flow are more likely to trade for services when the economy is slow. That's where Lombardi's company steps in.

"Right now our services are double to quadruple what they would be if the economy was good because everybody does have down time and they are looking for new outlets to get new business," said Lombardi.

Entrepreneur Robert Stufano said bartering his products and services generates new business, pays for advertising and allows him to purchase products or services he couldn't otherwise afford.

"It's fantastic because it really helps out your cash flow," said Stufano.

Kris Rutkowski bartered several televisions he had as excess inventory for a family holiday.

"I can't go on vacation right now. I don't have the money for it," he said. "But, because of BBU, I just booked a three day getaway for my kids for the holiday weekend."

Lombardi said her barter business has about 500 members locally. That includes doctors, lawyers and other professionals exchanging their services and buying and selling a broad range of products.

"By using barter they can attract new business to their companies, earn revenue, keep their employees working, and purchase things for the holiday season," said Lombardi.

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