Day Kimball Healthcare to Furlough Employees

NBC Connecticut

Day Kimball Healthcare announced Friday it is temporarily furloughing employees throughout its organization.

The Putnam-based hospital system says the move it due to a large drop in patient volume and a reduction in revenue because of that.

The furloughs come at a time when emergency rooms across the state and across the country are being inundated with COVID-19 patients.

Hospitals have also seen elective surgeries canceled until the pandemic is over.

“This is consistent with other healthcare systems and businesses throughout the state and country,” said Joseph Adiletta, interim president, Day Kimball Healthcare. “During this time, patient care will not be affected. Our plan provides for adequate staffing levels across all patient-care departments.”

The furloughs will mostly be handled through a reduction of staff hours insted of an elimnation of hours or jobs, according to Adiletta. They will affect all departments and all levels, including senior management, directors, managers, supervisors, and hourly employees, Adiletta said.

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