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Frustration Continues as COVID Testing Sites Reach Capacity

A state-supported COVID testing site in Willimantic closed hours early Wednesday after reaching capacity.

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COVID testing sites across Connecticut continue to reach capacity as the state records an "unprecedented demand" for COVID testing.

People were turned away from a state-operated COVID testing site in Willimantic Wednesday afternoon. The site reached its capacity of 500 tests shortly after opening for the day. The testing location was scheduled to stay open until 2 p.m., but by 11:30 a.m., drivers were greeted with a sign that said, "closed- sorry for the inconvenience."

"It is very difficult. You waste your time actually," said Carol Glidden, a Willimantic woman who was exposed to the virus at Christmas. She has spent days trying to find a test. "I have a big family and I don't want to be around anybody."

Nikki Molnar and Connor Pollick were also hoping to get tested at the site. The Eastern Connecticut State University students were exposed and need to get tested before seeing family over their winter break. They have also been searching for days.

"Most places are only accepting appointments or they just don't have times so it's been rough," said Pollick.

The capacity issues are not just happening in Willimantic. Testing sites across the state have been reaching capacity daily.

Ledge Light Health District in southeastern Connecticut has been warning residents that their sites are under capacity limits from the lab which is forcing them to close lines early.

Governor Ned Lamont's office said the state continues to see an "unprecedented demand" for COVID testing. They are working to add sites and expand hours.

In the meantime, the people we spoke with were stressed and not sure when they will be able to get tested.

"We are doing what we can, and we are trying to be careful so I guess that's all we can do," said Nikki Molnar, from North Branford.

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