Woman Kicks Cancer to the Curb

On NBC Friday night, many people watched as Farrah Fawcett documented her journey battling anal cancer.  Her prognosis is grim but every day others win their fight against cancer.   Amy Fry of Canton is one example.

"You can tell.  I knew before they told me based on how they were acting because of course they were seeing something that was very large," said Fry.

Amy had a large mass in her breast.  The mother of four was 40 when it happened.  Her youngest child was just three at the time.

"We all lives these crazy busy lives, right and you're thinking what am I going to do this, how am I going to manage everything?," she said.

When it comes to cancer, you have no choice but to manage.   Amy had a lumpectomy and went through chemotherapy and radiation.   Now, nearly four years later, she remains in remission.

"Amy's remarkable and I think she's a great example of why women should do self examination," said St. Francis Hospital Surgeon, Dr. Kristen Zarfos.

"Know your health and know if there's a change and then seek medical attention from those that you trust and know your medical history,” Zarfos said.

She says that's the critical part about surviving cancer, catching it early. 

It made all the difference to Amy and her family and the cancer has left a lasting impression.

Her 10-year-old daughter, Emma, recently cut her long hair to donate to locks of love.

"I think it's teaching them a lot about how to give back and little things make a big difference," said Amy.

The cancer has also altered the way Amy lives her life -- family is now her main focus.

"I still work, I still love my job but I balance it differently and I make different choices,” she said.

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