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Thanksgiving day 2017…Gricela Diaz had so much to be thankful for…her health, her family - especially her two year old grandson – Xavier. But just a short time later she experienced some uncomfortable symptoms. A routine colonoscopy found that she had rectal cancer. The team pulled together to help ensure this grandmother would be there for her new grandson as he grew up.

The Digestive Health Center at Hartford Hospital offers patients the widest range of services in the region for gastrointestinal tract disorders.

By integrating specialists across multiple disciplines, all focusing on disorders related to digestive health, we provide enhanced, personalized, coordinated care to our patients. Our highly skilled physicians have advanced sub-specialty training and are backed by a full team of interdisciplinary medical and surgical specialists.
These providers offer the most current, innovative and advanced techniques for diagnosing and treating even the most difficult cases.

For more information log on HartfordHospital.org/colon or call 833.431.0004.

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