Save Cash on Kleenex – Flu Cases Drop

You might have been laid off and you’re seeing gas prices rising a little, but there’s good news when it comes to your health.

The number of flu cases in the state is at the lowest level Connecticut health officials have seen since they began collecting data in 2003.

There were only 58 confirmed cases in Connecticut as of Dec. 27 in the flu season that began in October, according to the Public Health Department. There were about 150 cases at the same time last year.

The reasons? Fewer strains of the flu this season and the vaccines are more effective, State Epidemiologist Alan Siniscalchi said.

Connecticut saw a record flu season last year. Thousands of cases were reported.

Because of that, federal officials changed all three strains of flu virus in the vaccine.

Peak flu season usually begins this time of year, officials said.

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