3 Madison Police Officers Fired for Alleged Harassment, Unprofessional Conduct

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NBC 5/Metro

Three Madison police officers were fired Friday following a months-long investigation into alleged harassment and unprofessional conduct.

During a special meeting on Sept. 2, the Town of Madison Board of Police Commissioners voted to terminate the police officers, who were previously placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Town of Madison conducted an independent investigation which concluded that the officers' "harassing and unprofessional conduct" violated the police department's code of conduct, policies and procedures.

Officials made the decision to fire the officers "in order to protect the integrity of the police department and maintain the level of professionalism our community deserves," according to First Selectman Peggy Lyons.

The police department said they have zero tolerance for any type of harassment and/or behavior that would affect the working conditions of a fellow employee.

No specific information about the officers' conduct was immediately available.

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